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HP Envy 4520 Printer

The HP ENVY 4520 is an all-in-one, multi-functional, versatile, and dynamic photo printer. It supports wireless connection through various applications. The remarkable functions of this device are wireless printing, AirPrint, two-sided duplex printing, touchscreen, ink ready at any instant, and borderless printing. The HP ENVY 4520 printer uses the latest ink delivery technology to extend the ink cartridge life through the Instant Ink delivery system. The touchscreen technology helps to easily navigate between options. It scored well in print speed tests and also delivers high-quality output results. It also supports two-sided printing that allows that user to print on both the sides of a paper thus reducing the paper use.


Borderless photo printing plays a vital role nowadays. The ENVY 4520 printer is embedded with the Borderless Printing technology with which the user can print up to the edge of the paper. As a result, the photos are printed with no trimming.

HP Envy 4520 features & Specs

HP envy 4520 features

  • Wireless Printing through Wi-Fi.
  • Wireless Printing through Wireless Direct.
  • Wireless Printing through HP Auto Wireless Connect.
  • Wireless Printing through Bluetooth connection.
  • Scanning through HP Scan software.
  • Scanning through HP Print Assistant.
  • Scanning through Embedded Web Server.
  • Scanning through HP Easy Scan.
  • Mobile Printing through HP Smart application.
  • Mobile Printing through AirPrint.
  • Mobile Printing through Google Cloud Print.
  • Mobile Printing through USB connection.
  • Mobile Printing through Wireless Direct.
  • Scan to email – Windows.
  • Scan to email – Mac.
  • HP ePrint application.
  • Touchscreen display – easily navigate through options.
  • Optional high-yield ink cartridges.
  • HP Instant Ink ready.
  • Quiet mode – Print without disruptions.
  • Duplexing – Two sided printing.
  • Borderless Photo Printing.

HP 4520 specs

  • Thermal Ink-Jet Color printing technology.
  • 2.2” touchscreen display.
  • 64MB RAM memory(maximum).
  • Apple AirPrint, HP ePrint, Mopria Print Service.
  • 15 Watt Operational power consumption.
  • ENERGY STAR certified.
  • Copy resolution – 600 * 300 dpi.
  • Print resolution – 4800 * 1200 dpi (color).
  • Print resolution – 1200 * 1200 dpi (black).
  • Print Speed – 20 ppm (black).
  • Print Speed – 16 ppm (color).
  • Maximum Paper size – A4/Legal.
  • Standard Media capacity – 100 sheets.
  • Output Tray capacity – 25 sheets.
  • Width – 17.5 inches; Depth – 14.4 inches.
  • Height – 5 inches; Weight – 11.93 pounds.
  • Frequency required 50-60 Hz.
  • Maximum 1000 pages per month.
  • HP Photo Creations, HP Update, drivers & utilities.

HP Envy 4520 Manual & Driver Download

HP Envy 4520 Manual Download

The HP ENVY 4520 manual can be downloaded using the download link on our website. The instruction manual comprises instructions regarding the unboxing, setup process, establishing power and network connections, setting preferences loading paper into the tray, ink cartridge installation, and driver installation. The contents on this page explains a brief description about the set up and installation of the HP ENVY 4520 printer. Refer to the Driver Download topic below to download and install appropriate driver files for the printer. Click the Manual Download link below to download the user manual.

HP Envy 4520 Driver Download

Each printer require a driver file to function. The driver software acts as the internal source of the printer and also helps the printer to perform its functionality. The HP ENVY 4520 printer is accompanied by a driver installation disc that is used to install the driver files. If the installation CD is lost or misplaced, the driver files can be downloaded using the driver download link on our website. Click the Driver Download link/button provided below. The file will be downloaded to your Downloads folder. if you have any difficulties,contact our tech support by dialing the Toll-Free number.

HP Envy 4520 Mobile Printing

HP Envy 4520 AirPrint

AirPrint is a mobile printing solution embedded with the Apple iOS version 4.2 and later. It enables the user to print from iPad, iPhone, and iPod through the wireless technology. The HP printers that were released after 2010 support AirPrint. Turn on the printer and enable the Wi-Fi feature on it. Turn on the router or any other local wireless network. Turn on the Wi-Fi option in your iOS device. Open a web browser on your Apple device and click on the address bar. Type the IP address in the search bar and press Enter. The Embedded Web Server information page opens on the browser. Select the AirPrint option and enable it by sliding the toggle switch. Choose a document to print and open it on your Apple device. Click the Action menu and select the Print option from the drop-down menu. Select your printer from the list displayed on the screen.

HP Envy 4520 ePrint

Turn on the printer and open the Settings menu. Navigate to the Control Panel settings, scroll down and select the Web Services option on it. The Embedded Web Server (EWS) also allows the printer to communicate securely with the HP ePrint. The HP ENVY 4520 is a dynamic printer enabled with the touchscreen display. Open the Settings menu and navigate to the Control Panel settings. Touch the HP ePrint icon under the settings. If the ePrint icon is not present, open the Web Services Setup and click the ‘Enable’ icon to turn on the ePrint service. Once it gets turned on, the printer displays a status message. Click OK. If the information page does not print, turn off and turn on the Web Services and wait for at least ten minutes. Select the email application you want to print from. Type the printer’s email address in the recipient’s (To) field.

HP Envy 4520 wifi Print

Connect the printer to a wall-power outlet and turn it on. Pull the input tray and load it with sufficient amount of papers. Open the ink cartridge access door and check whether the ink cartridges are full. If they are empty, replace them. Enable the Wi-Fi feature on your printer. Power on your router and ensure that the network has an active internet connection. The printer’s Wi-Fi automatically connects to the router. If the auto-connect feature is disabled, choose your network on the printer’s display manually. Switch on your computer and activate the Wi-Fi feature. Associate the computer to the same network to which the printer is connected. Open a document on your computer. Click the File menu on top of the screen and select the Print option under it. Choose your printer model from the list and click OK. Check the output tray for the document printed.

HP Envy 4520 USB connection

The HP ENVY 4520 printer is a versatile device that supports both USB and wireless connections. It is accompanied by a USB cable that is used to establish the USB connection between the printer and the computer installed with Windows or Mac Operating system. Before establishing the USB connection, we suggest you to download and install the HP Full Feature driver software using the download link provided on this site. Open the search bar at the top of the page. Type your printer model and press the Enter button. When the browser redirects to the Homepage of the printer, navigate to the Driver Download topic. Locate the Full Feature driver download link and click on it. The driver software will be downloaded to your Downloads folder. Open the folder and right-click the downloaded file. Select the Run as administrator option from the drop-down menu. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the driver installation process. Insert one end of the USB cable into the printer’s USB port. Insert the opposite end to a USB slot on the computer and wait for a few seconds. Open the HP Print Assistant or HP Easy Start application on your computer. If you do not have the above mentioned applications, download and install them using the link provided on this site. After opening the desired application, initiate the setup process and follow the on-screen instruction to complete the set up. When the device prompts to choose the connection type, select USB as the mode of connection. The USB connection has been established.

How to Print on HP Envy 4520

How to Print 4×6 photos on HP Envy 4520

Establish power connection between the printer and a working power supply using the power cable accompanied by the printer. If you want to establish a wireless network connection, connect the printer to your network by enabling the Wi-Fi feature. If you want to establish a USB connection, plug the USB cable to the USB ports on the printer and the computer. Pull the input tray outwards. Load a pile of photo sheets into the input tray. The photo sheets must be 4 * 6 inches in size. Purchase the sheets from a genuine retailer. Choose a photo to print. Click and open the image on your computer. Click the File menu on the top-left corner of the screen and select the ‘Print’ option from the drop-down menu. Select the Edit option and click Crop. Adjust the image size to 4 * 6. Click Save and click the Print option at the bottom.

HP Envy 4520 Double sided Printing

Load enough blank paper into the input tray to fully complete the print job and to avoid page ordering issues. Open the document that you want to print. Click the File menu, then select the Print option from the drop-down menu. Select your printer model, then click Printer Properties. If a Printing shortcuts tab is available, select the Print on Both Sides or Two-sided (Duplex) Printing option. If a Printing Shortcut tab is not available, click the Layout tab at the bottom of the screen. Click the Print on Both Sides or Two-sided printing menu, then select the binding or page flip option. Click OK, and then click Print. If the printer automatically pulls the pages back in and prints the other side, then the printer supports automatic duplexing. If Auto duplexing is not supported, then perform Manual duplexing. Reload the papers into the tray with the printed sides facing upwards. Click Continue and the duplexing process is completed.

Compare HP Envy 4520 with Others

HP ENVY 5540 vs 4520

The HP ENVY 5540 and HP ENVY 4520 are dynamic printers that are similar with respect to design perspective. Both the devices are manufactured to meet your printing, copying, scanning, wireless, and mobile printing tasks. When compared to the ENVY 5540, the ENVY 4520 is more compact with a smaller and lighter body. The layouts are similar and both the printers are equipped with the monochrome LCD touchscreens for easy navigation.

Both the printer models are similar in output quality. The resolutions for printing, scanning, and copying are also similar. They deliver good black-white printing, and better color printing on casual printings. The scanning and copying results are also brilliant. The HP ENVY 5540 delivers considerably faster performance featuring 12 ISO ppm speed for printing black documents and 8 ISO ppm for printing color documents. The ENVY 4520 has 9.5 ppm for printing black and 6.8 ppm for printing color documents.

HP ENVY 5660 vs 4520

When size is considered as a major difference, then the HP ENVY 4520 is smaller and more compact compared to the HP ENVY 5560. It is built with a distinctive design. The HP ENVY 5560 is heavier by a couple of inches or more. Then with the larger body, comes larger paper capacity. The HP ENVY 5560 is equipped with a 125 sheet standard input tray and a separate photo tray of 15 sheet paper capacity. The output tray has a capacity of 25 sheets. The HP ENVY 4520 has a 100 sheet input tray and a 25 sheet output tray.

The ENVY 5560 printer is built with a 2.65 inch color touchscreen display, that promotes quick and intuitive access to various functions and features available on the printer. On the other hand, the ENVY 4520 printer is built with a 2.2 inch display. The HP Envy 5560 offers faster performance than the HP Envy 4520.

HP Envy 4512 vs 4520

Both HP Envy 4512 and HP Envy 4520 are inkjet printers. They have a duty cycle of 1000 pages per month. The Envy 4512 possesses Scan to email and mobile printing features whereas the Envy 4520 supports only mobile printing. The 4512 printer is a bit costlier than the 4520 printer. Both are color printers and are accompanied with a set of black and tricolor ink cartridges. They have a standard RAM memory of 64 MB.

Both models have incorporated the functionality of a printer, scanner, and copier. The HP Envy 4512 offers faster performance than the HP Envy 4520. The Envy 4520 is able to print at 9.5 ISO ppm for black and 6.8 ISO ppm for color. The HP Envy 5560 is a bit faster. It is able to print at 14 ISO ppm for black and 9 ppm for color.